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Meet Alexa

A real person.


My name is Alexa and I want to help you unearth your best possible self. I was inspired to help others as I spent most of my childhood, teenage and college years feeling overweight and frustrated with myself.  I wanted to be fit, healthy and happy! Each day I promised myself that tomorrow would be different, tomorrow I would make change, tomorrow I would start to lose the weight.  After what felt like a lifetime of tomorrows unfulfilled, I took that small step, literally, and went for a walk.  It’s been a long journey of changing how I eat, how I exercise and ultimately how I live.  Now I feel great every day.  Yes, every day! And I want to help you start a journey to feeling great everyday too.  I believe in real, sustainable change that is possible in every lifestyle. No gimmicks, No supplements. No fitness model pics or instagram gym selfies. Just you, your motivation and my support.  Don’t let another day pass you by.  Seriously. One of my great regrets in life is that I spent so much time, unhappy and unhealthy.  Contact me today.


The Brain:

The Body:

  • Ran two full Marathons

  • Three Tough Mudders + a Spartan Race

  • Two Sprint Triathlons

  • 3 years as a regular Crossfitter

  • Regular runner

  • Did a 500 burpee challenge in 55 minutes.

  • Currently working on a 30 second free-standing handstand.

The Lifestyle:

  • Sleep is one of my non-negotiables.

  • I appreciate a good dessert.

  • I love traveling to new places, especially places with beaches.

  • I actually enjoy the physical activity of moving (actual moving - like moving boxes from the apartment to the truck).

About Alexa: About
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