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10 Tips for finding your exercise prescription

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Here are my 10 tips for finding your own exercise prescription:

1. Exercise for 20 minutes a day? I take longer to blow dry my hair. Aim for an hour.

2. An hour? YES. But it doesn’t have to be the most intense hour of your life everyday, mix it up.

3. Mix it up. Walking, biking, spinning, weights, running, swimming

4. Walking is always an option. It’s free, low impact and gets you out and about. Note: Don’t just stroll. This isn’t supposed to be a romantic walk though the park (although never a bad idea!) Try to walk at a pace that makes you sweat. If you are new to exercise and/or are carrying a lot of extra weight, which make many other exercises too hard, aim to walk most days of the week as a starting off point.

5. Sweating means you’re working! Prepare for this situation and wear comfortable exercise clothes. Nothing feels worse that sweating in a nice outfit!

6. Schedule exercise. You’ll need to know when this is happening so you can plan accordingly. For example, you might eat a smaller than usual meal at lunch if you know you are going to a spin class right after work. Most people find working out on a full stomach challenging.

7. Workout prescription. Knowing what exactly to do at the gym is a mystery to most of us. This is why I am a big supporter of classes. They can be intimidating at first, but you can modify exercises, challenge yourself at any level, and you don’t have to question which exercises to do. It’s already planned for you. As a bonus, you might meet some new friends!. Also, if you have the funds, hiring a personal trainer is ideal way to build up a workout routine catered to your exact needs and abilities.

8. Set realistic goals. If you’ve never been into exercise, don’t start off working out hard 7 days a week. You will most likely burn out and stop altogether. Start with a few days a week and only increase them if you are successful at managing your original planned workout schedule.

9. Consistency. If you are consistently putting in an effort, you will get consistent results. We forget that the opposite is also true.

10. Listen to your body. Challenge yourself, but take time to recover. Note how you feel on days that you exercise and days that you don’t. If you are doing things correctly, your body will let you know.

If you exercise consistently it will become second nature, just a normal part of your day. People who treat exercise as an accessory, or an extra item, aren’t being consistent. Exercise should be like underwear, worn daily, comfortable for the long haul, different types for different days, but always worn without question, you don’t even have to think about it. If you treat it like an extra, a special bracelet that you may or may not always wear, thrown on sometimes at the last minute, it will never truly become a part of your routine.

If you need help turning exercise into a regular part of your routine, contact me today for a free health history consultation.

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