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Is “Holistic” New Agey speak? Or something more?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

I’ve identified my practice as a “holistic” health coaching business and thus far have only received positive feedback based on that label. But not everyone has the same feelings about this word. A friend (who shall remain nameless, you know who you are!) recently pointed out (I appreciate the feedback) that in his experience, “holistic” is associated with “Hippie BS” and I might want to rethink using it. This got me thinking about how I used to perceive this term and how others might continue to interpret my approach based on that label. Would people automatically envision an Alexa who smells of patchouli oil, speaks only of love and light and has at least one power crystal tucked into the single dreadlock that runs down the side of my head? I grew up in NY, so I’m just as jaded and cynical as the next gal, but is this word association fully warranted?

Let’s go back to the basics. The ever trusted Merriam Webster Dictionary defines “Holistic” as “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts”. Hold the Nag Champa, this doesn’t sound too New Agey or Hippie to me. Sounds like this “holistic” thing is exactly what it sounds like, focusing on the 'whole’, rather than the parts, no power crystals necessary. Who knew?

I admit that for a long time I had the same associations with the term “holistic”. I went to college in Vermont and had heard this kind of terminology thrown around for years (rolling my eyes everytime!). When I decided that I wanted to help others get healthy and change their lives, I felt that becoming a nutritionist or a personal trainer was too one dimensional for me. I wanted to look at the individual’s whole life, giving their issues with food/weight/health some context. As it turns out, the term “holistic” is the exact term I needed to define my approach. But like many others, I had no idea what it really meant. Now, I’m proud to say that I am a “holistic” health coach.

If you or someone you know is ready to make change contact me today for your free Health History Consultation. My “holistic approach” might just change your life….

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