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Diet Overhaul: Keep It Simple

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

I often tell people that a complete diet overhaul is a lot like the show “What Not to Wear” on TLC. If you’ve never seen the show, the basic premise is this: Poorly dressed folk are identified, offered $5000 for a shopping spree, and then are given an assessment with tools/tips to dress for their body type. All of this is done in exchange for their current wardrobe (often made up of spandex catsuits and ill fitting hemp capri pants). I compare this to rebuilding your food wardrobe as many of us have cabinets filled with the edible equivalent of spandex catsuits that our lifestyles have long since outgrown. The stylists on show work with the individual’s personal style and daily lifestyle, to build a wardrobe that will allow the person to mix and match on a daily basis, with a few items for special events. Much like the stylists on the show, I help clients build a food wardrobe with their tastes and style in mind. We want a cabinet of food that they can mix and match and also be adventurous from time to time. I would never suggest a client stock up on a fridge filled with exotic vegetables that will overwhelm, just as the show would never suggest a super fashion forward, 6 inch, leopard pump to someone who just learned how to walk in something higher than a sneaker.

If you are interested in overhauling your food wardrobe and finding your staple and signature foods, contact me for your free health history consultation.

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